Should I Hire a Wedding Photographer?

In today’s world of smart phones and tiny pocket cameras, it’s a fair assumption that pretty much every guest at your wedding will be taking a photo at some point. With a tonne of selfies going on thought-out the day, the question ’Should I hire a wedding photographer?’ may have popped in your mind!

Of course, there are other reasons why you may question the need for a photographer at your wedding, so lets look at the top 5. I’ll be giving advice on each reason based not only as a professional working in a similar field but also as somebody who has asked these very questions for my our wedding!  Read more

Top 5 Reasons To Have a Winter Wonderland Wedding.

Thinking of having a winter wedding? A pure white blanket of snow can be truly romantic, here are 5 great reasons to plan your wedding around this magical time!

Summer is the traditional and easily the most popular season to have a wedding. But what if you don’t do well in the heat? What if your more attracted to snowy fields than sunny beaches? Is it worth considering a winter wedding?

Yes it is, here are 5 great reasons to have your wedding in the winter!

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Of course you can! There are many ways you can get a cheap wedding video of your day: You can ask a friend to record it and hope they don’t get too drunk and miss key moments. There is the option to record it yourself and hope your ‘soon to be other half’ doesn’t mind […]